CTE T-Chart

Determine Pitch of a Roof = Find the slope of a line



Grade Levels

9th Grade , 10th Grade , 11th Grade , 12th Grade

Task Description

Given the run of the roof and the total rise determine the roof pitch of a shed roof.


T-Chart Carpentry 46.0201 m11d321 Compute slope.docx

Pitch and slope are very similar.  They both represent rise divided by run. 

There are three major differences between pitch and slope: 

  1. Pitch is always positive whereas slope can be both negative and positive. 
  2. Slope requires you to find the rise and run by subtracting the y and x values while the rise and run for pitch are given.
  3. The answers are written differently.  For pitch, you divide the rise in inches by the run in feet, take your answer and put a -12 after it to get a 2-12, 4-12 pitch.  For slope, you reduce the fraction so 2-12 would really be 1/6, and 4-12 would really be 1/3.

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