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Fig Tree Reproduction and Life Cycle


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In this lesson, students learn about the characteristics of fig trees. Students will:

  • describe the characteristics of the environments where fig trees grow.
  • explain how specific structures in the fig tree help it to reproduce.
  • compare sexual reproduction in fig trees with asexual propagation by humans.
  • order the life cycle of the fig tree.

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  • Cultivate: To make land suitable for growing crops.
  • Keystone Species: Species that has a major impact on its ecosystem and is needed to maintain ecosystem balance.
  • Sexual Reproduction: Process by which two cells from different parents come together to produce a new organism.
  • Asexual Reproduction: Process by which a single parent reproduces by itself.
  • Pollen: Tiny dust-like particles that carry male sex cells in some plants.
  • Pollination: Transfer of pollen from male plant reproductive structures to female plant reproductive structures.
  • Ovary: The structure in plants that contains female sex cells and will develop into fruit after pollination.
  • Syconium: Hollow, fleshy, flower-bearing structures on fig trees that are lined on the inside with hundreds of tiny, pollen-bearing male flowers and seed-bearing female flowers.


45–60 minutes/1–2 class periods

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