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Grade Levels

10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, 9th Grade

Course, Subject

Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening
  • Big Ideas
    Artists use tools and resources as well as their own experiences and skills to create art.
    People have expressed experiences and ideas through the arts throughout time and across cultures.
    The arts provide a medium to understand and exchange ideas.
  • Concepts
    Artists think differently when working through different media.
    Contemporary technology allows people to share and collaborate on musical ideas.
    Modern technological advances have increased communication between cultures, allowing elements of dance from different cultures to be used by people all over the world.
    Multimedia artists employ sound, image, and text together to communicate ideas.
    Contemporary technology allows artists, dancers, musicians, and actors to collaborate and share ideas.
  • Competencies
    Collaborate with others to create a musical work using contemporary technologies.
    Collaborate with others to create an artistic work using contemporary technologies.
    Compose a multimedia work that uses sound, image, and text to communicate an idea.
    Experiment with different media to create a work of art and explain why they made choices to use each medium.
    Synthesize elements of different cultural dance forms to create new, original works in dance.


In this student interactive, from a ReadWriteThink lesson, students use an interactive chart to outline the different perspectives of people involved with music downloads and intellectual property.

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Point of View Chart

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