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Welcome to the home for Pennsylvania's Standards Aligned Systems in the Social Studies!

Remaining true to the landmark 1834 Free Public School Act, the Social Studies recognize the central role of Pennsylvania's schools in developing useful and contributive citizens. In the Commonwealth, the Social Studies are closely defined as four academic disciplines:

1) Civics and Government - Civics and Government education designed to shape engaged citizens rests on three main pillars that define the structure from K-12. The pillars are:
     A) The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
     B) Participating in Our Communities, the Commonwealth, and the United States
     C) Participating in a Global Society
2) Economics
3) Geography
4) History

These concentration areas are not meant to stand alone. They are interrelated fields that assist students in understanding how many forces shape their lives and opportunities and define their relationships to the world around them.

Standards Aligned System
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