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PA Roadmap: Focus on Effective Instruction


Educators know that there are students who require support in addressing unfinished learning from prior grades. Since time is a scarce commodity in classrooms, strategic instructional choices about which content to prioritize and what strategies to employ are critical. 

PDE has created a set of resources to offer instructional supports when designing instruction.  Each month a new set of documents will be posted to refresh your strategy toolkit.   Check out recently  posted resources: 

  • Classroom Quick Tips: Instruction, Assessment, and Time Management

Each 1-page document offers easily doable instructional, assessment, and classroom/time management strategies – offering general strategies, ELA-, and math-specific suggestions for implementation.

  • Academic Strategies

Using the key concepts in the left-hand column, educators can complete a self-check for current instructional and assessment practices. After identifying areas of need, the right-hand column offers specific strategies/resources that may strengthen the selected concepts.

  • Focus Documents

Supported by key PA Academic Standards, areas of high-level focus in content areas are identified and defined. Note: While all standards deserve a defined level of instruction, neglecting key concepts may result in learning gaps in student skill and understanding and may leave students unprepared for the challenges of a later grade.

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