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In the Assessment Center, you can build an assessment by searching the PDE database of standards-aligned items or creating your own assessment item utilizing the SAS step-by-step process.

Build an Assessment

Build an Assessment by searching the library of standards-aligned items or Create an Assessment Item to add to your library. Any assessment can be turned into a Check for Understanding.

Start a New Search

Create an Assessment Item

Create your own assessment items to be used for traditional assessments as well Check for Understanding.

Create Assessment Items

View My Assessments

Access, edit, and organize your assessments.

Go to My Assessments

Check For Understanding

Create a new Check for Understanding and access your past Check for Understanding results.

View Checks for Understanding

Assessment Data Overview

View aggregate data across all of your Checks for Understanding.

Assessment Analysis Overview Standards Addressed

Upload Assessment Items

   Upload assessment items into your "My Created Items".

Go to Assessment Items Upload
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