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Courageous Persuaders Video Competition


High school students nationwide are invited to submit a 30-second TV commercial about the dangers of underage drinking and the dangers of texting while driving. Questionnaires are administered to middle school students to gauge the effectiveness of the commercials produced by the high school students. Winning entries are eligible for the following scholarship awards:

  • Dangers of Drinking and Driving: Grand Prize: $2,000 (National)
  • Dangers of Texting and Driving: Grand Prize: $2,000 (National)
  • Courageous Leader Award: $500 Visa Git Card - presented to a special teacher for his or her extraordinary support of the Courageous Persuaders program (National)

Learn more about the competition rules and program objectives. Entries can be submitted to the Courageous Persuaders website:


Learn more about Courageous Persuaders program at  

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