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Beginning Readers Can Have Fun Watching and Reading this Summer with BookFLIX!


Watch videos and read books about animals, celebrations, nature, music, earth, and more!

BookFLIX includes the following:

Watch the Story: Streaming video of a classic children’s story. A Read Along option can be activated to display the audio portion of the story, with word-by-word highlighting, as it plays.

Read the Book: Related nonfiction text presented in a flipbook format. The Read Along option can be activated to hear the text read aloud with word-by-word highlighting. In addition, key content vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow. Placing the cursor on the highlighted word will display its definition, and the student can click the ear icon to hear the definition read aloud.

All the stories in BookFLIX are categorized according to nine themes:

   ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s


   Animals and Nature


   Earth and Sky

   Family and Community


   Music and Rhyme

   People and Places

Each topic includes a pair of books, one fiction and one non-fiction.

With topics and stories appropriate for preschoolers through Grade 3, BookFLIX makes it fun and interesting for children to learn the difference between fact and fiction.

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