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Grade 07 ELA - Standard: CC.1.5.7.G

Grade 07 ELA - Standard: CC.1.5.7.G

Continuum of Activities

Continuum of Activities

The list below represents a continuum of activities: resources categorized by Standard/Eligible Content that teachers may use to move students toward proficiency. Using LEA curriculum and available materials and resources, teachers can customize the activity statements/questions for classroom use.

This continuum of activities offers:

  • Instructional activities designed to be integrated into planned lessons
  • Questions/activities that grow in complexity
  • Opportunities for differentiation for each student’s level of performance

Grade Levels

7th Grade

Course, Subject

English Language Arts


  1. Why is it important to use standard English when making a presentation?
  1. Modify your presentation to reflect the conventions of standard English.
  1. Formulate an interesting, clear presentation with salient points and evidence, keeping in mind the conventions of standard English.

Answer Key/Rubric

  1. Students will identify the reasons for using Standard English when making a presentation. They will recognize that audience and task require them to speak in formal, Standard English.  They will recognize that ethos (source credibility) will be built or demeaned based on their use of Standard English.  They will understand that in this formal setting, Standard English is required.

  2. Student will modify their presentation and practice their speech to reflect the conventions of Standard English.  They will edit the written portion and will practice the speech so that the presentation is clearly delivered.  They may be taught to take notes or to use notecards as they prepare their presentation.

  3. Student will formulate a clear, interesting presentation in which he/she uses standard grammar and spelling on presentation and in giving the presentation.  Student will be cognizant of purpose and audience in preparing the speech and, thus, the importance of Standard English usage.
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