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Subject Area - 4:
Environment and Ecology
  • Standard Area - 4.1: Ecology
  • Grade Level - 4.1.7: GRADE 7
Standard - 4.1.7.A

Describe the relationships between biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem.

  • Compare and contrast different biomes and their characteristics
  • Describe symbiotic and predator/prey relationships
  • Assessment Anchor - S7.B.3 Ecological Behavior and Systems
    • Anchor Descriptor - S7.B.3.1 Compare the biotic and abiotic factors of different ecosystems and explain relationships between and these factors.
    • Anchor Descriptor - S7.B.3.2 Explain ways different variables may cause and/or influence changes in natural or humanmade systems
      • Eligible Content - S7.B.3.2.1 Identify and describe factors that cause and/or influence changes in populations (e.g., deforestation, disease, land use, natural disaster, invasive species).
      • Eligible Content - S7.B.3.2.2 Explain how diversity affects the integrity of natural ecological systems.
      • Eligible Content - S7.B.3.2.3 Describe how human interactions with the environment impact an ecosystem (e.g., road construction, pollution, urban development, dam building/removal).
      • Eligible Content - S7.B.3.2.4 Explain how changes in environmental conditions can affect the survival of a population and entire species (e.g., climate, hibernation, migration, coloration).
    • Anchor Descriptor - S7.B.3.3 Explain how renewable and nonrenewable resources provide for human needs and how these needs impact the environment.
  • Assessment Anchor - S7.D.1 Earth Features and Processes that Change Earth and Its Resources
    • Anchor Descriptor - S7.D.1.1 Describe Earth structures and processes that characterize different biomes on Earth.
      • Eligible Content - S7.D.1.1.1 Identify and describe soil characteristics (i.e., particle size, porosity, and permeability) of different biomes.
      • Eligible Content - S7.D.1.1.2 Explain how fossils are formed and how they can provide evidence about plants and animals that once lived on Earth.
    • Anchor Descriptor - S7.D.1.2 Describe characteristic features and significance of Earth’s water systems.
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