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Subject Area - 4:
Environment and Ecology
  • Standard Area - 4.4: Agriculture and Society
  • Grade Level - 4.4.6: GRADE 6
Standard - 4.4.6.A
Explain how different plants and animals in the United States have specific growing requirements related to climate and soil conditions.
  • Assessment Anchor - S6.B.2 Continuity of Life
    • Anchor Descriptor - S6.B.2.1 Explain how certain inherited traits and/or behaviors allow some organisms to survive and reproduce more successfully than others.
      • Eligible Content - S6.B.2.1.1 Distinguish between instinctive and learned animal behaviors that relate to survival.
      • Eligible Content - S6.B.2.1.2 Recognize that extinction of a species occurs when the environment changes and the adaptive characteristics of a species are insufficient to allow its survival.
  • Assessment Anchor - S6.B.3 Ecological Behavior and Systems
    • Anchor Descriptor - S6.B.3.1 Identify evidence of change to infer and explain the ways different variables may affect change in natural or human-made systems.
      • Eligible Content - S6.B.3.1.1 Describe the behavioral and physical responses of organisms to environmental changes and how those responses affect survival.
    • Anchor Descriptor - S6.B.3.2 Explain how renewable and nonrenewable resources provide for human needs.
      • Eligible Content - S6.B.3.2.1 Compare the usage of fossil fuels and alternative energy resources (e.g., oil, natural gas, coal, wind, solar, water).
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