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Subject Area - 10:
Health, Safety, and Physical Education
  • Standard Area - 10.5: Concepts, Principles and Strategies of Movement
  • Grade Level - 10.5.3:

    GRADE 3

Standard - 10.5.3.A

Recognize and use basic movement skills and concepts.

  • locomotor movements (e.g., run, leap, hop)
  • non-locomotor movements (e.g., bend, stretch, twist)
  • manipulative movements (e.g., throw, catch, kick)
  • relationships (e.g., over, under, beside)
  • combination movements (e.g., locomotor, non-locomotor, manipulative)
  • space awareness (e.g., self-space, levels, pathways, directions)
  • effort (e.g., speed, force)

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