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Subject Area - 3:
Science and Technology and Engineering Education
  • Standard Area - 3.1: Biological Sciences
  • Organizing Category - 3.1.C: Evolution
  • Grade Level - 3.1.4.C: GRADE 4
Standard - 3.1.4.C2

Describe plant and animal adaptations that are important to survival.

  • Assessment Anchor - S4.B.1

    Structure and Function of Organisms

    • Anchor Descriptor - S4.B.1.1 Identify and describe similarities and differences between living things and their life processes.
      • Eligible Content - S4.B.1.1.4 Describe how different parts of a living thing work together to provide what the organism needs (e.g., parts of plants: roots, stems, leaves).
      • Eligible Content - S4.B.1.1.5 Describe the life cycles of different organisms (e.g., moth, grasshopper, frog, seed-producing plant).
  • Assessment Anchor - S4.B.2

    Continuity of Life

    • Anchor Descriptor - S4.B.2.1 Identify and explain how adaptations help organisms to survive.
      • Eligible Content - S4.B.2.1.1 Identify characteristics for plant and animal survival in different environments (e.g., wetland, tundra, desert, prairie, deep ocean, forest).
    • Anchor Descriptor - S4.B.2.2 Identify that characteristics are inherited and, thus, offspring closely resemble their parents.
      • Eligible Content - S4.B.2.2.1 Identify physical characteristics (e.g., height, hair color, eye color, attached earlobes, ability to roll tongue) that appear in both parents and could be passed on to offspring.
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