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Subject Area - 3:
Science and Technology and Engineering Education
  • Standard Area - 3.2: Physical Sciences: Chemistry and Physics
  • Organizing Category - 3.2.A: Chemistry
  • Grade Level - 3.2.5.A:

    GRADE 5

Standard - 3.2.5.A1
Describe how water can be changed from one state to another by adding or taking away heat.
  • Assessment Anchor - S5.C.1 Structure, Properties, and Interaction of Matter and Energy
  • Assessment Anchor - S5.D.1 Earth Features and Processes That Change Earth and Its Resources
    • Anchor Descriptor - S5.D.1.1 Describe constructive and destructive natural processes that form different geologic structures and resources.
      • Eligible Content - S5.D.1.1.1 Differentiate between abrupt changes in Earth’s surface (e.g., earthquakes, volcanoes, meteor impacts, landslides) and gradual changes in Earth’s surface (e.g., lifting up of mountains, wearing away by erosion).
      • Eligible Content - S5.D.1.1.2 Explain how geological processes observed today (e.g., erosion, changes in the composition of the atmosphere, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes) are similar to those in the past.
    • Anchor Descriptor - S5.D.1.2 Describe characteristic features of Earth’s water systems and their impact on resources.
  • Assessment Anchor - S5.D.2 Weather, Climate, and Atmospheric Processes
    • Anchor Descriptor - S5.D.2.1 Differentiate between weather and climate.
      • Eligible Content - S5.D.2.1.1 Explain how the cycling of water into and out of the atmosphere impacts climatic patterns.
      • Eligible Content - S5.D.2.1.2 Explain the effects of oceans and lakes on climate.
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