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Drive of Your Life

Web-based Resource

Drive of Your Life

Grade Levels

10th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade

Course, Subject

Career Education and Work, Career Awareness & Preparation, Career Acquisition
  • Big Ideas
    Career choice and preparation are lifelong processes based on many influences and using many strategies.
    Change impacts career options and choices.
    Individuals and entities endeavor to obtain goods and services and to accumulate wealth.
    Interests, aptitudes, and abilities are unique for each individual and play a key role in career choice.
    There is a definitive relationship between education and career planning and choice.
  • Concepts
    Career plan maintenance.
    Change in all aspects of life.
    Changes in education, incentives, technology, and capital investment alter productivity.
    Changes that impact traditional and non traditional careers over time.
    Definition and importance of a career plan.
    Definition of life roles.
    Factors that impact career choices.
    Factors that impact personal career choices.
    Factors that support career selection.
    Impact of change on career choices.
    Post secondary career preparation opportunities.
    Relationship between educational achievement and career success.
    Relationship of changing roles in the workplace to new career opportunities.
    Relationship of educational plans to the career choice process.
    Relationship of personal interests, abilities, and aptitudes to career goals.
    The accumulation of resources, whether abundant or not, is wealth.
    The accumulation of resources, whether abundant or not, is wealth. Individuals, regional entities and nation-states produce wealth to satisfy human needs and wants.
    The relationship between educational achievement and career success.
    The uniqueness of individual interests.
    The variety of ways people prepare for their jobs.
    Traditional and non-traditional careers.
    Traditional and nontraditional occupations.
    Types of career training programs available for career preparation.
    Varied sources of career information.
  • Competencies
    Ask five adults how they prepared for their job and compare them.
    Assess factors that impact an individual and entities’ standards of living.
    Interview an adult and determine what factors influenced their career choices and how they influenced them.
    Make a list of the range of career training programs available in the community.
    Make a list of the types of factors that influenced career choices by asking individuals at home who are in the workplace.
    Write a brief essay or speech that justifies your selection of a career.


Drive of Your Life is a Career Based Game based out if Indiana, where students answer some beginning questions, and then identify five potential careers of interest based on how they answered those questions.  The player then "travels" to different locations in the game where they can identify facts about each of the careers and determine if they want to keep the careers on their list.  The information provided includes: skills needed, job opportunities available, what the career does, etc.  The goal is to finish the game with three ideal careers of choice and earn their "drivers license."


This website is a good introducation to begin looking at specific career characteristics and what characteristics are important for students to identify so that they can make a good career decision.  The students are given choices to make a general potential career interest decision and then learn facts about that career of choice.  All of the careers are described in a similar format, so that it is easy to make comparisons.

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Drive of Your Life is a fun online career exploration game that helps middle-school and high school students learn more about themselves, higher education and careers. This free educational tool lets kids answer a series of questions about themselves to learn what careers could interest them and then go on a virtual drive to learn more about each of those careers – all in their own customized car.


This website is provided by the Indiana Youth Institute.


There is also a 6 minute demo available.

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